Office History


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Our firm starts in 1990 as an Architecture Division of a large-scale real estate development firm stationed both in Ecuador and Chile, its main project concentration being large-scale mixed used developments. Since then, the firm has designed projects that amount to two billion US dollars. Beginning 1996 the firm performs strictly as a design consultant yet it continues to provide design services for very large-scale projects, such as World Trade Center Santiago, Santiago Marriott Hotel and Office Condominium, Santiago Airport addition and remodel in 1997, the new 2013 Santiago International Airport –in collaboration with Stantec-, among many others. 

ABA currently provides architecture, planning and interior design services for single-family residential, transportation –underground metropolitan train, transfer stations, mass-transit surface stations-, multi-family residential condominiums, and a myriad of different hotel types, corporate office condominiums, embassy work, industrial buildings, courthouses, extensive interior design, multiple airport design services and much more.

Our United States credentials –and all the continuing education that goes along with retaining them in time- well as our extensive built record both in Chile and Argentina, enable us to provide cross-cultural architectural services.  Our Chilean credentials include “Superior First Category Registry” with the Ministry of Public Works, an important requirement to prequalify for large-scale work. We expect to also obtain during the first quarter of 2014 an “Airport Consultant Registry” with the Airport Division of the Ministry of Public Works, thus enabling the firm to participate in the entire upcoming airport commissioning as a Government Consultant.