About Us


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At Amunátegui Barreau Arquitectos Asociados A.I.A., or ABA, we specialize in cross-cultural architectural services, including architecture, planning, interior design and some real estate development. We have designed, detailed and developed well over 13 million square feet over the past twenty three years of practice in Chile, Argentina and Puerto Rico in a broad spectrum of building types. We have also designed and developed to significant stages another 2.7 million square feet of buildings that, for reasons unrelated to our practice, have not been built. We have completed  Recent projects include subterranean subway stations, the new international passenger terminal for Santiago’s International Airport, two regional airport additions and redesign, industrial buildings and high-end office condominiums. Our previous work includes the first major expansion of government-issued design for the Santiago Airport in 1998 –along with Architectura from Vancouver- embassies, large mixed use developments such as World Trade Center Santiago and Santiago Marriott, high-end single family residences, Casinos, institutional and/or corporate office complexes, interior design, industrial food processing plants and laboratories, master planning and much more.

We conduct all of our work based on the American Institute of Architects protocol, including our contract structure, graphic standards, CADD layering systems, fee proposals and construction documentation. 

We hold a current California Architect’s License and A.I.A. membership, numbers 205739 and 30124136, respectively. We also hold a “Superior First Category” Consultant Certificate issued by Chile’s Ministry of Public Works, or MOP, which enables us to undertake very-large-scale local government work.