Santiago International Airport 1998


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Our involvement consisted in providing design services for one of the bidders for the first concession of a large-scale airport in Chile. We introduced changes to and developed construction documentation for the government-issued design by other local and international firms.


This project was developed in conjunction with the former Architectura (currently Stantec) from Vancouver, British Columbia. The Passenger Terminal expansion from 240,000 square feet to 940,000 square feet includes eight restaurants, a multilevel domestic terminal, 13 new (contact) aircraft gates added to the existing 4, office and retail space, 124 check-in counters, and six VIP lounges. The scope included redesigning several elements of the passenger terminal, including its retail plan and check-in plaza. We generated construction documentation, performed building systems coordination and permit approval drawings for the passenger terminal and all other buildings. Since 1998, this on-going project has allowed the design and construction of miscellaneous internal and external improvements.